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  • My web host is bugging me to upgrade to a better plan because my multisite network is taking up too many resources on the server (I’m on a reseller plan and I’m the only customer). That’s to be expected I know but I’m curious to what usually causes high resources usage on multisite. Is it plugins?

    I average about 7k visits & 10k pageviews per month in total across all sites on my multisite install. Appreciate any insight and stories from you guys.

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  • if your site loading a bit slow, you could give the P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) plugin a shot which can tell you how long it takes each plugin to load. you could also install a caching plugin like WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache.

    these cache plugins will create static pages of your posts and pages and serve those up, thus reducing server load.

    Are you on a VPS or a shared server?

    What are your server specs? Memory, CPU, etc?

    I’m on a reseller hosting plan, and my site is the only “customer” i have on the account. The machine it is hosted on supposedly has 4 cores and 2GB of RAM I think, but I’m not sure what percentage of that is dedicated to me.

    I don’t think P3 works in a Multisite environment. Any other ways to see what’s using up resources on my end?

    I’m considering upgrading to a VPS. Is 768MB of memory enough? I need cPanel/WHM – I know a little UNIX but I don’t want to pretend to be a server administrator. Any advice much appreciated, thanks

    i haven’t used P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) but it says it can be used on multisite.

    you can also start off with something as simple as google’s PageSpeed Insights for some initial feedback on speed issues.

    that is not a lot of traffic, but apparently your host thinks it is for the shared plan. does it run slow? a vps with 768mb would cover that fine.

    P3 works fine on Multisite.

    I’m on a reseller hosting plan

    That’s a hosting plan, not a hosting type. Similar, but different.

    Example: I have a VPS with 1 core and 2G ram, which I resell space on to people I know who bake me food. That means Hawthorne (someone I host) is on a VPS, but without admin access to it. She’s still on a VPS though.

    However. 7k vists and 10k pageviews a month is totally the world where Shared Hosting works just fine. VPS is for 100k+ in most situations unless your site is highly dynamic. Keep in mind, some hosts require you to be on VPS for Multisite because it can get big.

    You may be suffering from noisy neighbors.

    Thanks Ipstenu! My web host pointed out to me that my Google Analytics isn’t a good indication of site load (rookie mistake on my part). I checked AWstats and it reports 30k visits and 95k pageviews so I guess I am taking up as many resources as they say.

    I’ve upgraded to a VPS too. I have more cores but less RAM than you, and Andrea R tells me that RAM is the main limiting factor. May have to upgrade again soon..

    And I think it’s awesome that your friends pay for hosting with food. I should try that too 😀

    That’s still really small! 30k visits a month, right, not a day?

    RAM is the limiting factor on sites. As I said, I have 2G and run like a champ with sites that add up to *does math* Uh… Well the small site is 50k a month and the big two are 300k a month. So yeah, 1000k easy.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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