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  • I’ve read a lot about “Fatal Error: Memory Allocation” errors in file upload issues, and it seems like there’s no actual fix to using the standard WordPress uploader for high res photos.

    I have enough memory allocation from my host, I’ve used the php.ini hacks, the php-config.php hack, .htcaccess hack. There’s enough memory.

    I’m aware you can upload images via FTP and then use a image resizer to display them. I’m not interested in that.

    I’m looking for a plug-in that will simply take a large file size high res photo and create a thumbnail.

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  • Try creating a file (e.g. info.php) with <?php phpinfo(); in it and access it with your browser. There are many interesting things there. Note: just because you changed some values in php.ini (or elsewhere) does not mean that you weren’t overridden at runtime by your hosting service. If you can access your server’s error logs, look there to see if something more interesting than a simple “Fatal Error” shows up.

    As for creating a thumbnail from a “large image”: you very well could be running out of memory. Just saying “There’s enough memory” doesn’t mean anything until you have checked out exactly what the program is doing and where it’s failing. If you can upload the file, and then separately make a thumbnail without blowing out your memory allocation, then the problem would appear to be the two happening together. This could mean that the uploaded file is being held in memory while the thumbnail is being created. The two-step process might be using a different approach which avoids this.

    There are quite a few threads out there discussing this type of problem. For example, this one is specifically addressing upload/crop/resize of images.

    Thanks. Those are some pretty good ideas.

    I’m hosting through 1&1 and they specifically state you can’t increase your memory allocation beyond 30M, but for a file that’s 3.08MB I would guess this wouldn’t consume that much. Perhaps I need to give phpinfo a shot and see what’s happening.

    In that forum you linked me to, someone suggested using image destroy to free up memory. Have any experience with this?

    No, I haven’t. In addition to, there is a specialty site at that is run by the same people (Fog Creek Software). Either one can be a good place to get answers to more technically oriented WP questions.

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