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    Since if a certain word is mentioned in a topic it is instantly closed I need to open a new one. For reference:

    With some plugins enabled enabled I am nearing 40+ MB. I wanted to install bbpress and I get an out of memory error when I try to activate. So I was wondering what the average running was because I was thinking something might be wrong with my server. If around 32MB is standard then I have a little bit of relief. Now I just have figure out why I get an out of memory error even when I have my max memory set at 256MB

    Even though I was told I could set my php memory to what I want after running a phpinfo script I found it was set at 64MB. If I am truly hitting this do you think something is wrong with my setup? Or if I have a bunch of plugins along with multisite would that be normal? Also, is the setting of 64MB on the server pretty standard?

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  • 64MB is pretty normal for most shared hosting plattforms. Some will let you change it with a php.ini file and some allow it using ini_set('memory_limit', '64M');.

    There is always a chance that something will hit the memory limit, no matter how high you have it set. I’ve made scripts in my past that worked OK, but under certain condtions that happened once a year or so, would hit an infinate loop and just keep on adding text after text to the memory buffer until it ran out of memory. When something like that hapepns it’s up to you to do yor own debugging and go searching the logs to see what might have caused it.

    If things are working normally, the only reason to be concerned about the memory is if your hosting comapny is complaining to you. If they aren’t then there’s no reason at all for you to worry. If they are then upgrade to a better package, move to a different company, or get a VPS set up for yourself. (that’s all that needs to be said about that I think)



    Thanks catacaustic. I re-evaluated what I was trying to do and where I wanted to go and decided to move on to a vps.

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