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  • Scott


    I have a fairly basic multisite wordpress installation. It onlu has the main site and a test site. It has Buddypress, Memory Viewer and WP System Health for plugins.

    Even if I deactivate those and use the default theme the site runs at around 28-30mb of memory. Does that sound correct? What should be the estimated memory usage on a clean multisite installation with no plugins actiavted?

    I am not sure how to track down what could be causing the issue. Any ideas?

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  • If 28-30mb <===please review Mb vs MB (bit vs byte) in either case is an issue with host find a better one.



    Interesting, I thought mb or MB = megabyte and Mb or Mbit = megabit. Learn something new every day.

    Anyways, it is MB. It is Hostdime which I thought was a pretty decent hosting solution. I will contact them.

    Thank you.



    very awesome

    The “standard” memory usage for a standard WordPress site is (from what I’ve seen from the mods on the forums here) is around 32MB, so yours is completely normal.

    Is there a reason that you’re concerned about the sites memory usage, or is this just a general question?



    With some plugins enabled enabled I am nearing 40+ MB. I wanted to install bbpress and I get an out of memory error when I try to activate. So I was wondering what the average running was because I was thinking something might be wrong with my server. If around 32MB is standard then I have a little bit of relief. Now I just have figure out why I get an out of memory error even when I have my max memory set at 256MB.

    Thanks catacaustic!



    I forgot to ask if anyone knows of a good hosting company with reseller packages that supports a multisite setup?

    Been struggling with the memory issue and my hosting company has been going back and forth with me and not much help. Here is thier last response.

    Unfortunately while we do support WordPress, we do not support any issues that you are having with the plugins.

    If you find out that the issues coming from these plugins is in-fact related to a server problem, or something tied into WordPress itself that we can fix, please feel free to let us know.

    So instead of them actually looking at the server to see if something is wrong they left it up to me to find out. Doesn’t seem right to me. Maybe I expect too much from my hosting company.



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    Although we cannot endorse them, there are some hosts listed here. Also searching the forums using the keywords “host” or “hosting” may provide you with some suggestions. However, due to the amount of spam that these topics attract, I’m afraid I will have to close this one.

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