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  • Zara… there is clearly a LOT of work gone into this plugin… but the time needed to figure it out is too much… already I’ve spent hours and I ended up deleting it. Simplifying it and making more intuitive would go a long way in making more user-friendly because at the moment its way too complicated.

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  • Hi

    Did you make use of the “Easy CSV Importer Tool” which is the first screen you will seen on going to the plugin? It is very new but from start to finish it should be very simply.

    You can ignore everything else after using that system.

    As for the rest. I do have to admit one star because a software requires learning is hard to swallow. At the same time however it is a compliment because we are forever saying that CSV 2 POST is designed to do everything required in the best auto-blogged websites. To do everything it has to be very complex especially as the plugin does not make assumptions based on the average requirements of people using these types of plugins.


    Videos and tutorials are coming but only when development slows down a bit which is not for another 2-3 months yet.

    Training might sound a bit ambitious for a plugin but we have plans to finish a system within the plugin that behaves much like training software. Much of what we need for that is already in the plugin.

    The Delay
    There are many changes per week which would make what we see in videos or screenshots outdated very quickly. That could cause confusion and we don’t make much money on this plugin so cannot afford to spend time remaking such content.

    Just right now Ryan is changing our approach on creating categories and re-arranging the order of tabs on the Your Creation page. Prime example of a key change that could cause confusion.

    I do hope you find the time to review the plugin again in future.

    Plugin Author WebTechGlobal


    Hello dtayl20 thank you for your review/feedback.

    Can you please contact me using to discuss increasing your rating through use of the paid edition.

    Hello dtayl20

    Can you please contact me using to discuss increasing your rating by beta testing version 6.9.6 due this month. We strongly feel 1 star is does not suit the plugin we have developed at this stage.

    Thank you

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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