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  • Every host I go with, they always say my CPU usage is too high. I’ll tell you a bit about my site, please help me fix the problem:

    Adsense Manager
    Cforms II
    Feedburner FeedSmith
    Full Text Feed
    Google Analyticor
    Google XML Sitemaps
    gunnART Alphaindex
    HowtoGeek – Spam Filter
    JAW Popular Posts Widget
    Official Comments
    Optimal Title
    Popularity Contest
    Subscribe to Comments
    Text Link Ads
    Wp Super Cache

    I need most of these plugins so I can’t really disable them =(. I get about 5400+ pageviews daily. The site is if that helps.

    Do I need to go on a semi-ded?

    Thanks for your help.

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  • Hi,

    It’s probably wp-cron.php.

    If that file is running on a schedule, too often, a host will “freak out” because it can really smack their CPU usage, hard.

    You can disable wp-cron.php and set up a cron job for it, so you can moderate how often that file calls the server.

    If you use Cpanel, just go into Cron Jobs and enter the Command line to point to wp-cron.php, then tell the server (via the Cron Job Options) how often to call the server.

    Some people have had wp-cron.php calling the server every 15 seconds, WITHOUT REALIZING it was even happening… until their Host said “Hey, CPU is too high.”

    Anyway, I have mine set to run once a day (in wee hours of morning/US time).

    I personally don’t know of any other file that hits CPU as bad as wp-cron.

    What do I enter in the command field that would point to wp-cron.php?

    What exactly does wp-cron.php do? And I have the same question as thelocomon. Is this file necessary?

    I’ve just been bitten by the same issue. My host shut off a wordpress folder because the CPU usage was hogging up the server. I had 16 active PHP processes, all apparently busy with index.php.

    Some threads point to shutting out the spawn_cron() call and replacing it with a regular system cron job (see here).

    Does anyone know for sure what is causing the CPU load (loop, timeout, resource access, crons spawning on top of one another)?



    how do we find out if wp-cron is in fact affecting CPU usage?



    I understand your eagerness to find an answer… but posting on every 4-5-6 months old, related topic the same isuee – is not helpful.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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