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  • My server is struggling to cope with my WordPress photoblog. I get about 23 000 uniques and 170 000 pageviews a day. My CPU usage is constantly at 70-100% and my RAM 60-100%. I’m on a “hybrid” plan with 4.4 GB of RAM. Apache crashes occasionally when I hit 103% or so, and DB connection problems are also common during peak hours.

    I have DB Cache Reloaded enabled.

    Is this normal for the amount of traffic I’m getting? Do I need to upgrade or is there something I can optimize?

    My outgoing daily traffic is 20-25 GB. I have 10 posts per page, each containing a photo less than 30 KB.

    My host is considered to be one of the best in the market so I don’t think it’s them being skanky.

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  • One more thing… My WP version is 3.0.3 (not 3.0.1) and my website is only two weeks old. I haven’t made any core modifications.

    Have you looked at installing something like W3 Total Cache?

    that would help speed up the site a lot and use more robust caching, for better performance on your server and lower load times for the user

    So DB Cache Reloaded is no good? Or are you plugging your plugin?

    I disabled DB Cache Reloaded and installed W3 Total Cache. Made no difference.

    Yeah, you may be at the point where you need to upgrade the server to dedicated. Your host should be able to help you make these decisions, though. Based on the traffic I would seriously consider dedicated or maybe cloud hosting.

    Ipstenu, that’s kind of what I wanted to hear. I just wanted to make sure it’s my traffic and not a bug of some sort. And even though my host is awesome, I don’t trust them enough to make these decisions for me. After all, my upgrade is their income.

    Hah, yeah I know 🙂 But. A GOOD host can talk to you about your options, and since they too know your growth history, can extrapolate. Don’t talk to a sales guy, though. Find a techie.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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