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  • My brain is abut to explode after all the information I’m getting and I need a little help with structure and result page. See if I can explain it.

    I basically want a simple page. The page should show a table with some content (2-3 columns and 2-3 rows). That same table, but with different info in each table, will be constant on the page and I will continually add more of the same table. Now.. the page is, I guess static, as I will manually update and add more information. However, what I would like to see is a dynamic result page… so if a visitor clicks a category or a tag that describes info in a certain table I would like the whole table to end up on the result page. So my questions are..

    How do I create a page with tables?
    How do I add tags and categories to that table so that the whole table can be shown as a result?
    How do I make the dynamic result page look exactly the same as the static result page?

    i am a beginner so even if you don’t have all the answers I would appreciate any help or guidance I can get.


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