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  • Hello;
    I am using a custom theme for my website. We roast/package coffee. I have, let’s say six (6) categories that I want to establish, but I want an image to appear so that when I click on the picture, it takes me to the sub-categories. So, to illustrate, I want to go from a category called 1lb. Coffee Offerings, which will bring me to four (4) sub-categories which are named Central American, South American, Asia/Indonesia, and Africa. Once I get here, I want to be able to click on one of the four (4) images, which will bring me to the types of coffee per geographical location.
    The issue I’m having w/WP is that categories don’t really mean categories (for my situation) as one cannot load any images into a category.
    If anyone can shoot me a response, that would be so awesome. I am not sure if I need to create custom taxonomies, etc. Thanks, Kevin

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  • The Category Icons plugin, or a similar one might do what you want.

    Hi–Thanks for the info, but that’s not what I was looking for.
    What I need is instruction on how to set up the hierarchy. What I’m looking for isn’t ready available (explanation wise) in the WordPress docs.

    Well, you said that you could not use categories because they could not have images. I was just pointing out that maybe they could after all.

    I don’t think that this plugin allows you to insert images into categories. I think it allows you to add icons to posts.



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    You can actually add an image to a category description. Perhaps you need to look for a plugin that adds an editor to the category description?

    Unless I am badly mistaken, the plugin adds the icons to the category, not the post. Read the How To on the plugin home site.

    If I got a contract to create a site based on your description, I think this is the approach that I would try.

    • Create a Custom Field (SubPages) that would contain a comma separated list of page IDs that would be sup-pages to the current page.
    • Create a template (Has SubPages) that would get the SubPages field, query the posts in the list and display the attachment thumbnail and the excerpt from each of the pages.
    • Create a second template (No SubPages) that would display a page that needed no SubPages.

    The top level page (1lb. Coffee Offerings) would use the ‘Has SubPages’ template and have the SubPages custom field with the page IDs of the next four pages (Central American, South American, Asia/Indonesia, and Africa).

    Each of those pages would use the ‘Has SubPages’ template and the SubPages field would list the pages for the types of coffee in that region.

    The types of coffee pages would use the ‘No SubPages’ template to display all the details about that type of coffee.

    I have not actually used this approach, but I believe it will work and give you a very flexible way of handling a hierarchy of pages.

    You could probably do a similar thing with parent-child pages. Use one template for those pages with children and another for those with none. That would be easier to manage.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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