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  • Hello,

    I’d like to use tags as hierarchies and I can’t find any plugin. I’m not even sure it is possible.

    Reason for this (example):

    • Present:
    • tag is CSS:font
    • IRI is <server>/?tag=CSSfont (should be CSS:font, but this is unsupported, pity)
    • Desired:
    • tag is CSS:font
    • IRI is <server>/?tag=CSS and <server>/?tag=CSS:font

    Let’s call the first parent tag and the second child tag

    The first page would display “parent and all children” (CSS, CSS:font, CSS:strategy, politics:France:MoDem…). caveat: no “parent only” or “all children but no parent” option so far, and I don’t need this. As you may have noticed, I’m using a controlled vocabulary.
    The second page would display “this child only”.
    Any ideas? Feedbacks welcomed!

    food for thought
    more food for thought

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  • I want this too. After researching custom taxonomies they appear to be useless because hierarchies aren’t supported. I think it would have been much smarter to just implement hierarchical tagging or tag grouping.

    Yes i want whis feature too.
    Forexample.. we have website with films..
    I want use tags for years 2002,2009….
    for director: Mr.Jery, Tom Hanks…
    for actors: Tom Hanks

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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