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  1. eiland
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I want to use tags in my blog as categories, whereas some tags are "sub"-tags of others. So for example, "Amsterdam" and "The Hague" would be sub-tags of "The Netherlands".

    Why I don't want to use categories is, becaause I want to be able to add "Amsterdam" also to the "higher" tag "Capitals" (Together with Paris, London), and "The Hague" to the top-tag "Government seats" (again with Paris and London)

    For this, if I tag a post "Amsterdam", it should be automaically be tagged "Capitals", and if I tag a post "The Hague", it should pop-up in "Government seats" and in "The Netherlands".

    I think that another possiblility would be to "tag" categories. Eg. that categories can be appointed several tags, so then the "Amsterdam"-category would be tagged "Capitals" and "The Netherlands"

    If I can make this work, I want to hide my category list from my side-bar, and show the hierachical tag list instead.

    Does this make sense? See the blog http://climatesceptics.org for where it should be applied.

    Does anyone have a tip for a plugin I can use?

  2. Kafkaesqui

    Posted 7 years ago #

    Sorry, but tags do not have any feature allowing for hierarchical relationships. It's just the way tags are meant to work.

    I'd look at the various tagging plugins to see if any provide any sort of related tag or 'kinship' feature to at least get this aspect of what you're asking for:


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