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    Sometimes it would be nice to show posts etc. as if a user is a member of a ‘lesser’ group in order to prevent showing restricted data when working/watching together with someone else.

    For example:
    I have three (hierarchical organized) groups: bronze, silver and gold.
    Gold members have also access to silver and bronze, silver members also to bronze.
    Being a gold member, it would be nice to have the ability to show only bronze-alowed data when visisting a client. Either for security-reasons or showing the different output.

    Is it possible to have some kind of ‘hierarchical filtering’, initiated by a user him/herself?

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  • Plugin Author Kento



    Good question, yes it’s possible.

    Here’s an example using two groups, two users and two protected pages.

    The groups: “Parent”, “Child” – where the “Child” group has the “Parent” group assigned as its parent
    The users: “parent” and “child”, members of the corresponding groups
    The pages: “Page A” protected by the “Parent” group, “Page B” protected by the “Child” group

    If you log in as “parent”, that account can see “Page A” but it cannot access “Page B” because it only belongs to the “Parent” group.
    If you log in as “child”, the account can see both “Page A” and “Page B” because as a member of the “Child” group, the account also inherits access to the page protected by the “Parent” group.

    You can extend this to your Bronze, Silver and Gold groups.


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