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  • Greetings all,

    I’ve set up a site with a hierarchical custom taxonomy that is being used to search for posts tagged with those terms. However, the archive results page is doing something I’m not intending. Say I’ve got a hierarchy called “Products” with terms entered such as this…


    …and I’ve got a post tagged with “Tools”, but NOT “Building-supplies”.

    When I search for Building-supplies using WordPress’ built in permalink system (i.e. enter the URL www.(my-site).com/products/building-supplies), the post tagged with “Tools” shows up, even though it is NOT tagged for “Building-supplies”.

    I understand that this is probably because “Tools” is a child of the term searched for, but is there a way to prevent this behavior? I only want terms that are specifically tagged with the parent to show up when searching for it – no children.


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