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  • Bear with me here, as the scenario is somewhat complex.

    I have 2 custom post types: call them, “Topics” and “Responses.” Using the Custom Post Type UI, I’ve created a relationship so that a Topic can have any number of Responses, submitted by registered users. This is working – each Response has a post_parent in the database that points to a Topic.

    I have a (wordpress) page that has the latest Topic on it (think of it as the Topic index page), and each Topic itself has its own (web) page (as they’re custom posts). As expected, each Response has a web page as well, since they’re also custom posts.

    The issue is that I want to create a web page that has ALL of the responses to a single Topic in list format- think of it as a “sub-page” of the topic. I would like this page to be generated automatically, so when an admin creates a Topic, he doesn’t have to somehow create a dummy post for this sub-page. So, I don’t know if i have to:

    – create some weird 3rd custom post type
    – create a “sub-post” for each topic so it has a proper URL.
    – use some plugin to create a relationship somehow
    – something else, perhaps outside of WP altogether.( i’m good with PHP, so if you can think of an idea that goes outside the WP admin panel that’s fine too. i’d prefer this to happen automatically, using a custom template i create.)

    If it helps, i’ve created this diagram to outline how it should work.

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