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  • Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    You’re welcome ^^

    Logo are a bit tricky depending on how the themes are handling them. If I were you, I would upload the normal logo to your theme. Then I would check where the file is actually uploaded, and I would myself upload (through FTP) the corresponding @2x file myself.

    That way it would work “forever”, through the updates and everything 🙂

    Thanks for the super-fast response!

    Hm, so far this isn’t working, there has to be something more to it.

    The WooFramework in it’s branding section uploads it to the media area, I added the @2x named file (where other hidpi images are working fine), reloaded in a few browsers and it’s not working.

    Any other ideas?

    Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    Mmm, what I told you to do what really the way to do it in my opinion. Of course I have never used WooFramework so I cannot tell for sure, but it should be.

    Well, are you interested in hire me? Sounds like a simple issue to me and I would be okay to charge your less than what I do usually. You can contact me through here:

    I appreciate your efforts.

    For now I’ll pursue theme support as I think it’s something related between the two.

    (This topic is not yet resolved)

    Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    Logos are something specific, with a non-standard WP size. For me, it is part of the theme, more specifically your theme (after you adapted it to your taste). In that sense, both the theme and the retina plugin are working fine. The user has to work on the final design (the core design and logos).

    Update: no resolution

    WooThemes says it’s a plugin issue.

    I’ve tracked the image to it’s location:

    When I add the @2x image to the same directory, no joy:

    If I add the @2x image directly, it’s simply twice as big. Is it possible to add some custom css tied to the @2x image and make it 1/2 the size? I know it’s crude, but I don’t have any other solutions… If so, where?

    #logo img {


    Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    Like I said, you can hire me. If it’s a plugin issue, you will be fully reimbursed and I am really serious about that 🙂 Just think about it.

    I’m a smart guy, I’m sure I’ll figure it out. And when I do, I’ll sell you the answer. 🙂

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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