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    Hi, it seemed like the two options doesn´t working at my blog.
    I have set the maximum length in characters of the title to 0 and empty the headline – part in the settings, and still the tweet was send to the headline (and the body) which is quite useless because it´s the same.

    And I have checked a dozen times the option “Insert user avatar in body”, but every time I load the setup-page it is unchecked again. User-avatar should be “Bigger”- size. Did I have to put some placeholder in the body-text so the user-icon will appear?

    And it seemed like my body-text was changed every time I save the page with one more “\” in
    <p class=\'tweet_text\'>%author% meinte auf Twitter: %tweet%</p>
    I deleted each time the “\” around the class, but it was added every time I save the page. If I don´t remove it every time before saving it ended sometimes in something like
    <p class=\\\\\\'tweet_text\\\\\\'>%author% meinte auf Twitter: %tweet%</p>

    So- what I have to do to post the tweets without the headlines (as status-message)? And why wasn´t there an user-icon in the body? Why are there one more “\” added every time I save the config?

    And as a feature-request: It would be cool if I can post RT, but no @mentions by me. So Retweets of others will be posted to the blog, but no endless conversations between me and an other guy. So an option something like “Remove all @replies from posts (removes retweet “RT @user:” text as well)” should changed to “Remove all @replies from posts (but don´t remove retweet “RT @user:” text)” should be added. 🙂

    Greets, Stefan

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  • Plugin Author badbreze


    working for you

    🙂 Great. Is there some fix solution I can modify myself to get the headline empty?

    Plugin Author badbreze


    Yest, you can update to 1.5.2 and now is all fixed =O

    now you can use a string like this to have the user avatar in the body:

    <img src="%avatar_url%" alt="%author%"/> %author%: %tweet% <a href="aooo">Avvecchiooo</a>

    This print the user avatar, next the name, and next the tweet text

    Looks great in my blog with no headlines and the usericon, thank you for fixing that. 🙂
    What´s about the feature-request to import retweets as well, but no mentions? *smile* – can you implement this in a future version, too?

    Yes, I see the issue that a retweet has a mention, too, but maybe you can filter them by this typical “RT: @”- pattern? out of the mention- tweets which starts usually with just an “@”?

    Anyway if you could, thank you again for the quick fixing of the annoying headline-issue. 🙂

    Plugin Author badbreze


    hmmm i may put this option, dont know how to make now, but you can exclude using somethnig like this in your query string

    from:youraccount -'RT @'

    thisexample fetch tweets from youraccount and eclude retweets of mentions

    Ahm, and another: What was the string I have to insert to the body to display the URL of the tweet? Yes, I can click the button, but then the URL was something like attached to the post, is it possible to use an string like
    <p class=\'tweet_text\'><img src="%avatar_url%" alt="%author%"/>%author% <a href="%tweet_url%">twitterte</a>: %tweet%</p>
    to get a compact posting so the “twitterte” point to the URL of the tweet?

    Plugin Author badbreze


    %tweet_url% now exists in 1.5.4

    Oh, you haven´t update it again today, just for me, lol. But nicely done, again, thank you. 🙂
    Ahm, I don´t want to exclude Retweets, I want to exclude Mentions (but include Retweets) – but please not again a new version today, lol.

    I have made small changes at your functions.php because I don´t like it when a paragraph was added to the source even if I don´t insert any in body part in the config of the plugin (which will result in an weird source aka open an p- tag and close the p-tag without anything between of it before I change the file).
    And added a few missing “_” at your target=”blank”.

    Changelog can be found at

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