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  • I have a site that likes to steal from my site with out crediting me. And i am getting a tad annoyed. I have enabled the disable right click and text selection. But is there a way to disable them from hitting CTL+U and seeing the code to steal the text they want?

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  • As far as I know from all my time on the net, and having looked around again after you’re query to make certain. You cannot hide your source code.

    On another note preventing right-click and highlighting can make legitimate users suffer on your site. Its generally counted as a bit silly. I see your problem however, if they keep taking your posts word for word, there is not much you can do as plagiarism on the net isn’t overlly controllable.

    Alternatively you could write your text into an image, and post the image up. It would be a bit large, but with no right click they may not be smart enough to get the image.

    Do you know if they are using your RSS feed to repost your content? If so, there are plugins available that allow you to add a link to the bottom of your posts in your RSS feed.

    That way if they are using your feed, when they post your content on their site it will automatically include a link back to your website. Of course there are still ways to circumvent this but typically the spammers aren’t willing to go that far.

    I don’t really use the RSS Feed. I disabled that to, that was one way for me to keep them from stealing. But i know this website their very persistent. And will probably try to steal any source code. Just wish there was a way to do it. I know i had seen other sites do it before.

    Alternatively you could attempt to contact google, inform them of what the site is doing. Google deletes websites all the time. Or contact their host provider and inform them of the stealing, they may or may not do anything about it, but most companies to not like that kind of thing being related to them.

    No other site will have blocked source code, as far as I know if you block source you’re site may as well not exist.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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