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  • I’d like this option, and also…the email/password should be added to wp as a user vs. site meta. This way the values in the DB are not stored as plain text.

    You can edit line #305 in wp_mail_smtp.php and set it to type=”password”`

    The type=”password” is a must. Please implement that in the next update. It sux to modify that every update.

    @guilima, honestly I feel you, being a developer I was reluctant to write another plugin that did almost everything this one does, but I did. Its WP Mail SMTP ZM. The password is set to type=”password”, and its also encoded (two-way) in the database.

    There’s also Postman SMTP, which looks “cheesy”, but does have a “password-less” service. I have not used it.

    Why does Postman look cheesy!!? 🙁

    The branding seems off; the Matrix inspired font, the blonde guy peeking over in the banner, and what looks like city scene in the background, all that just seems cheesy. Although you definitly know your stuff, I’ve read over some of your posts, and it seems amazing.

    That’s the poster from Kevin Costner’s Postman. Yes, you are right, extra super 90’s cheesy (before the Matrix, FYI).

    lol, oh makes total sense now, it was a play on words/images. Well its doing a good job.

    Great plugin, but I’d also like it if the password was hidden.

    Thanks for your consideration,

    I’m new to this plug-in and have the same concern about visible passwords. How hopeful should we be for updates? If I’m reading Collum’s personal site and correctly, he’s moved on to other things and the plug-in has been at v 0.9.5 for over a year.

    Giving serious thought to the alternatives mentioned above.

    Both mine, and Jason’s plugin are actively worked on. Jason’s uses OAuth 2.0, mine uses encryption, both use password fields in the wp admin.

    please hide the password – I install this on client sites – open password is a problem for them

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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