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    I’m working with the theme gridiculous and am trying to hide page titles. I’ve read through all of the forms and can’t find where to put any code to hide them on all pages. Any insight?

    My website –

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  • I’m still new to WP, but one way to do it is add the following in Appearance | Edit CSS:

    .post-title {
      visibility: hidden;

    As I said, I’m new, so there might be a better way to do this.

    This is assuming, e.g., that you’re talking about hiding the “Home” text under your “Testimonials” box on the homepage and “Testimonials” text from “Testimonials” page.

    The above will leave a space in the page — if that is not desirable, use “display: none” instead.

    I have many different templates within the Editor tab. Under the main style.css, where exactly does that go? I’m assuming it’s under “Stylesheet” which is style.css and not Page Template (page.php)?

    Thank you all!!!!!!

    Ah, good catch, WPyogi.

    Please do not post lengthy code here per the forum guidelines. CSS is all visible on your site anyway. So please now use the edit button and remove all that code — or a mod will do it anyway.

    You also should not make any changes in theme files — make a child theme:

    Then put the code suggested in the child theme style.css file.

    I’ve tried it in different places and can’t figure out where those lines of code belong. Thanks again WPyogi and AK Ted.

    So make a child theme and then they go in the new style.css file… Really, if you make changes in theme files, they will all be erased when your theme is updated — and you really don’t want to go there :).

    I’m sorry for so many questions – this is my first site!
    Below is the style.css folder in my child theme. It is destroying the site entirely. Any insight?

    Theme Name: Gridiculous
    Description: Child theme for style.css
    Author: Jared
    Template: gridiculous
    .post-title {
    display: none;

    No problem on the questions — that’s why we’re here :). You’re missing a critical line of code in that stylesheet…put this line right under the */

    @import url("../gridiculous/style.css");

    What that does is pull over all the regular styles — so yeah, if it’s missing the site is meltdown!

    You guys are amazing! THANK YOU!!!!!

    Great job! And now you’re set with the child theme — it’s actually a very cool concept. Have fun and come back if you run into more questions.

    I have one more question for you guys – I just added a new page to start adding posts and the post titles are now hidden too. How do I only hide page titles, not post titles?

    [ Please do not bump, that’s not permitted here. ]

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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