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    Hi, I found how to do hide the date and author info for certain categories only in previous forum posts, but since i have no clue on PHP and i am afraid that I am going to break something, is there a plugin for this?


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  • Can you post a link showing a page with the page and author info you would like to hide please?

    Here’s the link,

    we are currently adding the content but we have some content from authors that we want to add to a new category, we want to show their name on this category.

    Nothing has been published yet. the category is
    we want to show their names when they post to this category.

    you can hide the author, date via css without touching php or using a plugin, you can hide for specific categories too.

    Thank you. how do i do that?

    If I go display: none; it will hide the author from all categories.

    WordPress doesn’t add category name to the single post, to do that we need this simple function, add it to ur functions.php (clearly was wrong when i said no php)

    function add_category_name($classes = '') {
       if(is_single()) {
          $category = get_the_category();
          $classes[] = 'category-'.$category[0]->slug;
       return $classes;

    Add a Post’s Category Name to Body Class in WordPress

    and then:

    body.category-catname .entry-date,
    body.category-catname .td-category {
     display: none;

    Thanks Lynnais.

    I am not a guru but wouldn’t this add and remove the category name and not the author?

    I will try it and will let you know.

    Try display: none on only the categories you want the author removed on;

    .category-id-123 .author, .category-id-456 .author {display: none;}

    Change 123 and 456 etc above to the category you want to hide the author for and change .author to what ever css rule governs the display of the author.

    Ir will then show author all all categories except the categories you entered above.

    That’s great mate!

    It seems to do the job.

    Thanks a lot.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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