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    When :

    • WPSSO CORE is activated
    • the default theme defined icon (4.9.4) is used

    The favicon is not displayed or with previous WP versions the transparency (gif) was not functioning on various browsers (black backgrounded).

    It is now a long time that I could not understand why the transparency of background of the favicon was not efficient, but it was displayed.

    With WP upgrade 4.9.4 the favicon disappeared.

    I found the reason :
    WPSSO Core moves the quite the whole content of the header (<head> … </head>) to the <body> into a special tag : <headitemscope itemtype=”https://schema.org/WebPage”>

    Then the browser doesn’t shows the icon defined into the <body>.

    I could not find any way to workaround. So I had to inactivate WPSSO Core.

    Why this special tag cannot be displayed into <head> ?, I don’t know.
    why this was not highlighted earlier ?, I don’t understand.
    My theme has nothing particular in relation with this problem.

    Where is the solution ?

    Best regards


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  • Plugin Author JS Morisset


    WPSSO does not create a “special tag”. It sounds like there’s an issue with your theme’s header template. Do you remember WPSSO suggesting that your theme header template needed to be modified for better Schema markup? It sounds like something may have gone wrong there – try restoring your original header template – that should fix it. 😉


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