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    Please let me know how can I hide and/or replace a featured image on pages other than a static Home Page. Thank you.

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  • Hi Chart,
    if you want to hide featured images in posts, you can use:

    body.single .wp-caption img {display:none;}

    For Pages it would be: .wp-caption img {display:none;}

    Please ask if you need or want some more help, happy to provide 😉


    Hi Steve:
    I do not see where this line goes into the html. When I view the html text in any of the pages including the home page I do not see the html for the logo and featured image I have uploaded. The html starts with the copy I have inserted after the logo and featured image for example:
    <h4>OUR MISSION</h4>
    Network Public Affairs mission is to bring people together to find socially sustainable solutions to public policy challenges.
    I am not that comfortable with html. I inserted the line you gave me for the Pages in the beginning and nothing changed. I do want to keep the logo on top. Thank you!

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    The code that Steve gave you is CSS, not HTML. If your theme has a custom CSS option, place the code there; otherwise, get a custom CSS plugin and place the code there.

    Which CSS plugin would you recommend? Right now I am working with Formation only. Thank you.

    Hi Chart,
    we use this one:
    You can add the css to the box provided by this plugin, regardless of your theme or child theme 😉


    Hi Steve:
    I installed the css plugin you recommended and pasted this code in the box:
    /* .wp-caption img {display:none;}*/
    but the header image still appears on all pages. How can I keep this image on the homepage only? Thanks again.

    We were working in the blind from the theme demo… can we have the URL of your actual site to give you the precise fix?


    Of course. The site is not public but the url is
    I appreciate all your help.

    ok, that makes it easier.
    I don’t see any “featured images” (which are typically in blog posts, not pages).. so maybe you mean the little green and black image on each of the about or other pages?

    Please clarify?

    If that is what you mean, then use this:

    .entry-content img {

    Nice site by the way!! 😉


    Hi: Thanks. I’m really just getting started. The blue photo image (what I would call the masthead) of the woman in front of the skyline is what I was referring to. I want the Network Public Affairs logo on the top of every page, I just want the option of hiding that large skyline image at the top of the About, Project, News, Contact, etc pages.
    I added the blue and black icon buttons.
    Also, if I want to customize the pages further (i.e. rearrange the content a little – add a welcome message under the photo, add links), how do I view the HTML code or…is this CSS? I have been using the Customize section to add content. Thanks!

    Hi Chart,
    ah… now it’s clear.

    EASY! .header-image {display:none;}
      body.home .header-image {display:block;}

    This will hide it on any page other than the home page. If you want to get more granular about which pages, that’s easy to do with page id or body class or many other conditionals…

    Customization is a wide open and wonderful field. You can view the HTML or CSS using your Chrome Inspector or Firebug, and then edit the template files by using a child theme. This is SO POWERFUL to do, but really doesn’t take much time at all to get the basics.

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    Thank you so much! Will try this and let you know. Downloaded the WordPress editor’s guide.

    It worked! Thank you. I do need help customizing these templates – moving things around and deleting others. Have not used Chrome Inspector or Firebug and need help with the basics. Will try my best on my own first and reach out to you when I start flailing. Thanks again. Chart

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