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  • It would be nice to be able to hide the “A new version of WordPress is available! Please update now.” notice.

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  • I agree heartily. I manage numerous WP installations for other people, and I don’t need them trying stuff on their own or bugging me about it before I’m ready to upgrade.

    In my case, it would have been a complete waste of time to upgrade to 2.3, since 2.3.1 came out faster than I could have gotten all the 2.3 upgrades done.

    Upgrading is a good idea, but it’s still a choice, and there are many reasons people wait a while before upgrading, such as plugin compatibility and organizational constraints.

    Maybe someone will write a plugin to disable these notices 🙂

    Ah, never mind, they already exist and are well-publicized:

    Disable plugin updates

    Disable core updates

    Personally, I do not understand the point of the update notification.

    All it does is alienate the average user, while telling the power user/developer NOTHING IT/HE/SHE doesn’t already know.

    One should not need a plugin to disable a stupid feature, hands down.

    Now I did not mean to turn this into a debate. I actually like the idea of a reminder, but the ability to have a close button to the right of the notice would be nice. And maybe include the following options after hitting the close button:

    “remind you to update in the next 7 days”
    “remind you to update in a month”

    I also new about the plugins, but I don’t want to disable the updates. Just the ability to close the notice.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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