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    The price and tickets remaining columns are pushed up next to each other on a site I’m working on ( I’m having the toughest time removing the remaining column with CSS, as we don’t want to show that anyway and I don’t see an option to remove it. Any ideas? Here’s what I’ve tried so far:

    .tix-column-remaining {

    Any other ideas?

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  • Rhythmelody


    Hey Eric,

    Yeah, I’ve been playing around with this too, and there are 2 ways you can do it. The first way is easy but more prone to problems. The second way is a tiny bit harder but worth going through the extra step to make it more stable:

    1) Alter the Camptix PHP file: Go under Plugins, locate the Camptix plugin, and click ‘edit’ (next to deactivate). First page that will load up is the one you want. It should be titled: “Editing camptix/camptix.php” – From there, do a control+f search for “camptix_show_remaining_tickets”. You should find two instances of it. Both of them have “true” written next to them. Delete that text and change it to “false” for both instances, and that column will disappear from Camptix.

    2) Create a Functionality Plugin to edit Camptix: This sounds hard, but it’s not. I literally just did it in 5 minutes by following this guide: That page also includes an empty dummy plugin you can upload to wordpress and edit yourself, which is what I just did. Once you’ve made the plugin and uploaded it, add this line of code to the php file you’ve created: add_filter( 'camptix_show_remaining_tickets', '__return_false' ); – The reason why this is a much better choice is because you can update the Camptix Plugin, delete it, reinstall it, do whatever you like… and column will still be hidden.

    Hope that helps!

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    Thanks for the response Randy! I ended up having another issue that was more problematic. I couldn’t get the PayPal integration to work so I gave up and moved to Eventbrite.

    Nonetheless, this would be a great feature addition in the future. A checkbox in the admin to show/hide would be simple enough.

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