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  • Hi there,

    Novice to wordpress but would love to know how to hide the Blaskan tagline from appearing on the home page. I obviously don’t want it to effect SEO, but don’t want it appearing either…solutions or suggestions welcome.

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  • Hi nickmarzano,

    By “tagline,” you mean the text right under the site title?

    In that case, you can go to Appearance –> Customize –> Site Title and Tagline. Then remove the tagline on there.


    Hi Nhat,

    That’s correct that is the ‘tagline’ I’m referring to. However removing the tagline in this way will remove that important piece of information from search engines as well – if I remove it and go it settings it has been removed from the site entirely.

    I don’t want to ‘remove’ it, just hide it from appearing on the homepage itself.

    Other threads on same topic (but different themes) – suggest I’d need to go into the CSS code to achieve this. Any other suggestions?


    Yeah, if you wish to hide it with CSS, then use

    #header-message { display:none; }

    Add that code to the bottom of your main theme’s style.css or child-theme’s style.css; or if you have WordPress’s official Jetpack plugin installed, then go to Appearance –> Edit CSS and add it there.

    Thanks for that Nhat issue resolved.

    Hi Nhat,

    On second thoughts I’d like to at least see how it looked like.

    I’m copying / pasting the exact line you wrote above into my CSS Child Theme but it’s not having any effect…

    Do I need to paste just:

    #header-message { display:none; }

    Or do I need to add?

    #header-message { display:none; }

    Apologies it’s the first time I’ve tried to add anything to a CSS child theme much appreciated! Thanks

    Nothing extra, just add

    #header-message { display:none; }

    Just tested it again, it works on my end. Try adding it to the bottom of your main theme’s style.css. If that work on the main theme’s style.css, then that means there’s something wrong with the child-theme’s configuration.



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    @nhat: will you please stop encouraging people to add or edit their main theme’s stylesheet. They need to use a child theme or a custom CSS plugin.

    Nhat only suggested amending the Blaskan main theme’s stylesheet as a means of testing the fix using the the child theme (which I am using).
    However despite following the child theme instructions (adding the suggested code to the bottom) I was not successful in hiding the ‘tagline’ from the home page, it still appears despite copying / pasting it into the Child theme.
    If you have any official suggestions for how to achieve this or what I am doing wrong I would appreciate it.



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    Do not edit the theme itself. First create a child theme for your changes. Or install a custom CSS plugin.

    If that doesn’t work, the only thing I can think of is that something’s overwriting it. Could you please give us a link to your site?

    While at that, try adding !important declaration to it:

    #header-message { display:none !important; }

    See that help,

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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