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  • Hi there!

    I’m searching for a plugin that allows me to define on each post/page what usergroup(s)/guests may view this post/page. I’ve found 2 interesting plugins, but they sorrily have some issues to solve:
    This one seems to not work at all (no matter what user-level I choose, everyone can see it) and also it automatically sets the post/page to private, when I choose a minimum user-level, which adds some additional text to the title of this post/page, although I don’t want that text to appear.
    This one works pretty fine, but it forces me to add additional text into my posts/pages (eg, “vl=3”) to set a view-level instead of offering an option on the edit/write-page. And it doesn’t hide empty (because of posts with view-level-restrictions inside only) categories.

    Does anyone know a plugin that better fits my needs?

    Otherwise the Members only plugin would have been another solution for me:

    But I’d like users to see the category- and page-links on my blog with a message in the blog-body that they need to login to view the contents, instead of automatically forwarding guests to the login-form. If anyone knows a plugin that does this, please tell me, too. =)

    Thanks in advance,

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  • I am looking for something similar but haven’t found one either. I would like to create usergroups and only give certain groups access to certain blog posts but I’d also like to hide the post title and category count to those who don’t have viewer access. If you found anything, let me know.

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