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    Is it possible to show a specific menu item for one language and hide it for another language with qTranslate X?
    I’m using a menu item with a custom URL.
    Since the URL should be different for each language I’d like to create different menu items with a custom URL for each language and then be able to select which menu item gets displayed in which language.

    I hope you can help me out.

    Thanx in advance!


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  • Hi,

    I have the same issue trying to show my blog category only in one language. I set qTranslate to hide content that is not available in the viewed language. Then I tried to remove the translation of my blog category name but it never accepts an empty name and always adds the name in the existing language so it always has a translation (bug?).
    Then I tried to just rename the item in the menu removing the second language syntax leaving it only in one language like this: [:en]Blog.
    Yet my menu shows the category when I view the site in the other language adding in front of its name the language that it is available in: (English) Blog.
    Finally I added again the second language translation but replaced it with   so now the item is only visible if you hover over it in the menu, but it doesn’t seems to me a good practice.

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    Could you please, try beta version at GitHub If menu item has empty “Navigation Label”, it is supposed no longer be shown.

    How is this useful in showing the item in only one language?

    As I reported, my problem is that you can’t create a category in only one language, so you can’t show it in the menu for one language and hide it for another.

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    The point is (in my case) I’d like to use the link option in the menu to point to an external site directly.
    Since I can’t figure out how to direct a link from the menu to 2 different websites (one for English/one for Dutch) the only solution seems to be to create 2 link options in the menu and then to hide 1 of them for each language.
    Just leaving the “Navigation Label” empty for a menu item not to show up doesn’t make any sense to me, since it should show up, but only in one specific language.

    I hope this still makes some sense… 😉

    Plugin Author John Clause


    If a menu item has empty label for one of the languages, then it should not be shown, as it is in the latest version, instead of showing a list of available languages for that item, as it used to be. The latter never made sense to me, since menu are pre-configured once and they are part of the original configuration, they do not change dynamically, like posts. So, telling a user which languages are available for menu item makes no sense to me. It is much better not to show it at all, which gives an admin an ability to temporarily hide a content branch which is not yet ready in a specific language.

    As a side effect, it also solves @schenkz problem, since she/he can now create a few menu items with different external URLs and only one of them will show up which has a non-empty label for the current language. She/he would put a label for one language only in each such menu item, while leaving others empty. It is not one menu item which shows different URLs for each language, it is a few menu items instead, one per language, but only one of them shows up depending on the language. Does not it solve this problem?

    It also solves @xseon problem, because she/he can assign an empty label to a category menu item for the language, which is not to show up. Menu labels for category items are separate from category items themselves. Category will still exist as a single entity, but menu label for an item showing that category may have an empty label, and will not be shown then. Does not it solve this problem?

    Thanks a lot.

    Plugin Author John Clause


    I assume that silence means “problem resolved” 🙂 Thank you.

    Had the same issue. Thanks for the solution.

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