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  • Hi everyone, can you tell me how i can hide the source code when we click on second button of mouse and appears show source code? There is something we can put on header, i think, but i don’t remember.

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  • You mean hide the ‘html’ code that is generated by WordPress?

    I don’t believe you can do that, except to not put your blog on the Internet.

    Yes. I now there is a way to do that, but i don’t remember.

    No, you can’t. We know what we are talking about.

    Unless you mean to “disabling” right click using JavaScript (or you want to publish the blog in the form of images) – which is not fool proof at all for obvious reasons.

    Google: “disable right click javascript

    Michael Torbert


    WordPress Virtuoso

    Sure you can hide the HTML so that people can’t see it. But of course, that would mean that the browser couldn’t see it either, so you’d not really have a site on the web.

    If a browser can read it, so can a person.

    You can do things like disabling right click, but that doesn’t really help too much for most people.

    I noticed that there are websites that somehow managed to disable both the “view” “source” of the IE menu (you can click it but nothing happens) and the same process with the right mouse button. The mouse button also just works and the other functions too. I’m curious how they manage to do that. Here’s an example (I haven’t tried it with Firefox yet, only IE; I’m currently at work).




    Im not sure what you see, but I can view the source of that site just fine, in IE —

    right click, view source.

    drop down menu, view source.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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