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    This I would like to do but it says: User registration is currently not allowed.

    In the Advance Options tab you will be able to select if you want to export standard user fields. Yes this works correct.

    But I want to hide some fields. In the export-user-data.php I found the solution.

    // exportable user data ##
    				$user_fields = array(
    					,   'user_login'
    					#,  'user_pass'
    					,   'user_nicename'
    					,   'user_email'
    					,   'user_url'
    					,   'user_registered'
    					#,  'user_activation_key'
    					,   'user_status'
    					,   'display_name'

    By placing the # for the fields to hide. This of course changed back by an update. Is there any other way in order to avoid this?


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  • Plugin Author qstudio


    The return value is passed via a filter:

    return apply_filters( ‘export_user_data_user_fields’, $user_fields );

    Use the filter “export_user_data_user_fields” to alter the array values – you can place that in functions.php or a plugin.

    Thread Starter Gunu


    Hello @qlstudio

    thank you for your response. I’m not a programmer…

    Can you give me an explanation/example how to insert that code into my functions.php?

    Many thanks!


    Plugin Author qstudio


    Sorry – I cannot, as that means I take on responsibility for your changes – if you can open the plugin and edit PHP – you can code.. so I would suggest you read about filters in WordPress.

    Good luck!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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