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  • WPyogi


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    One problem is that you are using # when you should be using . — for classes, not ID’s

    But the other problem is that if you have site-title set to “display: none;” a background image in that element is not going to show up.

    Thanks, WPyogi. I copied the above code from another forum thread; I have no experience whatsoever. have made the changes you mentioned but still does not see the logo. Can I trouble you to provide a code that will fix this? Thanks!

    Sorry, I re-did the change again and it worked! OMG, you solved something that I have been researching for 2 days within a second! However, the site description is still appearing. How should I remove that? Thanks!



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    It’s there – try clearing your browser cache. But it looks like you also need to add a couple more things — try these:

    .site-header h1 a, .site-header h2 a, .site-header h2 {
        display: none;

    Works like a charm! I am really really grateful! Thanks so much.

    Hi WPYogi, Can I tap your brains again? Before replacing site title with logo, I used to rank #6 on first page for “tiger mommy”. After logo change, I am dropped from all the pages.

    Should I be indenting the site title so that bots can still search it? Would appreciate your advice! Thanks.



    then how does the finished code look like? And where in css do i put it 🙂 ?

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    Damse, can you create a thread on your issues?



    Hello MayLum!!

    May be google likes the header text in a site. thats why u lost places in search result after putting your logo. I suggest u do something like the member of this post.

    Google may penalise you for hidden links

    Help! I’m new at this! My site is and I want to move the logo from the center of the page to the top right corner. I’m a twenty twelve girl.

    Thank you!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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