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  • I use PPOM fields to add a custom meal option on my clients site. In the meal plan, they can pick the protein & protein size, vegetable & vegetable size and carb/grain * carb/grain size for their meal.

    Choosing No Vegetable is an option. In which case, no vegetable SIZE will be selected because it’s hidden.

    Choosing No Carb/Grain is an option, in which case no carb/grain SIZE will be selected (because it’s hidden)

    Setting the two SIZE fields to be not required isn’t an option because a majority of the orders do include a vegetable or carb, and not having the size completed means the client would have to call, update the order, and frequently cancel subscriptions and renew them, an unacceptable result.

    Previously, we encountered an issue, and a new version you put out after we reported it, fixed it. Recently tho (not sure the exact date) another new version broke it again. We’ve had to disable the Woo Floating Cart plugin.

    The code in your plugin just “hides” the field, but doesn’t remove the logic that checks to see if the field is required, or present. Because it’s hidden rather than actually removed, the Floating Cart plugin chokes on it.

    I’ve reached out to them, and their less than helpful reply was to not make the size fields required. Unacceptable.

    I am hoping you are willing to think outside the box and help me come up with a solution that works.

    So, a recap and demonstration of my problem:

    I appreciate the time you spend reviewing the video and thinking about a possible solution.

    Please note that for now, I’m disabling the Floating Cart plugin (a plugin they very much want because a majority of their customers shop mobile, and this fly to cart, move it to the right side is something that has helped improve their conversions).

    If you want to login (email me privately) and I will send user/pw info on the site and you can enable, test, etc.

    Again, thanks in advance!

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author N-Media


    Hi @cenay,

    as I see your problem, you can solve this by following screenshot settings in select input for your ‘vegetable’ input.

    1. Set ‘selected option’ to ‘No Vegetable’
    2. Unset ‘First option’ value


    I hope it will solve the issue.

    Sadly, it did not solve my problem, and the client also feels (additionally) that the meaning is no longer clear for the majority of their customers.

    I will do some additional testing, but feel like a different solution is needed.

    Quick question: Currently you set the property to
    style=”display:none;” which means the input is still in the DOM, which Floating cart is responding to. Can the “selection” of the no carb option, which triggers the hide (or show, depending), trigger instead a removal from the DOM? And adding it back when it’s not no carb?

    Is this possible?

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