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  • Plugin Author Barry Kooij



    Not yet but this is planned to be added next release! The plugin is brand new and is being actively developed at the moment.

    Thanks so much for using it and I woud love to hear any feedback you’ve got on it!

    Kind Regards,

    Barry Kooij

    Hi Barry,
    I am using your plugin and have a couple of questions and (I hope you don’t mind!) a suggestion.
    I am using it on the Elegantbiz2 theme and the car detail page has no padding on the left hand side which means it doesn’t display well. Here is the link to a page I have created so you can see for yourself: Can this be fixed?

    If I change the theme to Twenty Fourteen it displays badly.

    Also the Email Us button just opens a new tab and the Call Us button opens a Launch Application box.
    I need these to work or to have the option to turn them off.

    It would be great if I could also have the choice of a button that would open a contact form.

    One last thing – The Year. Would it be possible to just put in the year and not the month?

    Many thanks

    Just like to say I agree with gillhk regarding just listing the year and not the day/month.

    Plugin Author Barry Kooij



    We just released version 1.1.0 which comes with a lot of improvements!

    Hiding rows on the listings page
    allows you to hide the filters by using the shortcode like this:
    [wpcm_cars show_filters="false"]

    If you also want to hide the sorting row added in 1.1, you can use the shortcode like this:
    [wpcm_cars show_filters="false" show_sort="false"]

    Email Us button always displays
    This is fixed, it will not be shown if no email address is entered in the settings.

    Just display the year of cars (no months)
    Yes, also possible now! You can change this via the settings now!

    Kind Regards,

    Barry Kooij

    Great stuff Barry, thanks!

    I’m using this plugin with Woo Canvas. A couple of things I’ve noticed that I’m fixing with some custom CSS are:

    (1) Since updating to 1.1 – the single-vehicle page now has post meta below the title. I’m hiding this using following code:

    .post-meta {
        display: none;

    (2) On the main listing of the cars I notice that the description is set to be 80% wide and the item-meta (Price/miles/year) is set to be 20%. However because of the padding they don’t fit on the same line and the item-meta is pushed down. I fixed this with following code:

    .wpcm-vehicle-listings .wpcm-vehicle-results-wrapper .wpcm-vehicle-results li.wpcm-listings-item a .wpcm-listings-item-description {
        box-sizing: border-box;
    .wpcm-vehicle-listings .wpcm-vehicle-results-wrapper .wpcm-vehicle-results li.wpcm-listings-item a .wpcm-listings-item-meta {
        box-sizing: border-box;

    (3) It would be nice if the button colour for “Email Us” and “Call Us” matched the button colour I have set in the Canvas settings. But this is no big deal at all tbh as it is easily fixed with custom CSS.

    Not sure if any of that helps at all, just thought I would mention it.

    Cheers 🙂

    Plugin Author Barry Kooij



    Thanks a lot, that’s really helpful! I’m going to fix issue 1 and 2 soonest but 3 would have to remain custom CSS because I can’t write integration with all themes (sorry!).

    Kind Regards,

    Barry Kooij



    Hello Barry
    really love your plugin!

    Just a quick suggestion – I reckon you should add this to the “installation” tab for your plugin, to save people time looking for it, and to save you time answering support questions about it…

    1. To display the cars listing simply add this shortcode onto any page or post:

    2. You have the option to hide the filters by using the shortcode like this:
    [wpcm_cars show_filters=”false”]

    3. You can also hide the filters and the sorting using the shortcode like this:
    [wpcm_cars show_filters=”false” show_sort=”false”]

    Thanks for the great plugin 🙂

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