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    I am using groups with woocommerce.

    I created a group which for restricted products. But I also want to hide all the public products to that group. In my current situation the group gets to see the restricted products and the public products which are also shown to users who are not logged in. And what I want is that when a user of a group logs in he only gets to see the restricted products and not all the other products.

    Is there a way to do this?!


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  • In other words, is it possible to create a group for users that aren’t logged in?!



    Came to ask the same question.



    Not sure but the solution might be using the groups_none_member shortcode.

    read this answer and see if a variation of it applies to you.

    I’ve used it like this and it seems to work:

    [groups_member group=”1, 2, 3″]

    Message members will see


    [groups_non_member group=”1, 2, 3″]

    message non members will see


    Thanks for your reply. This does not solve my problem. This will only hide the product description but not the product it self in product lists like it does when I use the Access restriction plugin.

    I seems like I need to look out for another solution for this problem..

    i have the same proglem. have you figure out yet?

    Nope I created a seperate wordpress install with a copy of the webshop and made the entire website login only. In this way I could offer two different catalogs..

    Plugin Author itthinx


    The only sensible way that I think would provide this kind of functionality would be to have access restrictions based on not having a capability … but the notion of hiding something public isn’t quite sound as a concept. @castijnen‘s solution to split this into two different sites is probably more in line with the respective use case.

    So is that means the user have to register two different account to login? Is anyway, you can just register one account and login both site?
    thank you

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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