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  • Hi, we need to hide the persistent “Privacy Button” at the bottom of the site, the one at right hand side.

    Someone shared this CSS code, that works at desktop, but keeps showing at mobiles:

    .qc-cmp-persistent-link {
    display: none !important;}

    Could someone give us a hand for hiding this terrible persistent button? We have in same place other buttons that can´t be reached because this…

    Thanks for any help, we tryed to localize the solution at:


    This is what they say:

    By default, Quantcast Choice places a persistent button in the corner of the page if the user has valid consents. The buttons color and shape can be customized by using CSS overrides if desired. There are 3 configuration options relevant to this button and its customization:

    “Display Persistent Consent Link”

    Turn the button on or off

    Expected Values:

    A boolean – true or false.

    Default Value:

    true (button is shown)


    BUT, they explain SO BAD, that we just don´t know how to proceed :S

    Thanks a lot in advance for your help 🙂

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  • Well, we fixed! The problem came because our theme has an option for including CSS code, where we place all our CSS codes… But this code didn´t work well here for mobiles, so we went into appearance > customise and placed the code there at CSS and worked well for mobiles and desktops!

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