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    Hi, I’ve tried to hide my gallery page when a visitor is using the mobile theme but to no avail. I am using Firebug to see that the gallery page is “page_item page-item-61” so my CSS in the style.css file in that theme folder looks like this: .page_item page-item-61 {display:none!important;} I tried .page_item and was able to hide all the pages but adding the specific page item doesn’t work. I tried #page_item, and that didn’t work either. I tried everything I could think of. Can anyone help? The site is . Thanks in advance!

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  • This seems pretty basic. It boils down to the fact that I need to “display: none” a specific page item (a page link) on my mobile style.css file. I was able to hide the entire navbar but when I tried to narrow it down to only one of the page links, I am unsuccessful. Can anyone help?

    I took a look at your mobile page with firebug and I was able to get the gallery link to disappear using display:none; when I edited the (adds inline styling).

    I did this first, then I read your post again. I think I know what you’re doing wrong. Your list item has (2) different classes in it: page_item, and page-item-61. Whenever there’s a space between words in the class attribute that means there’s more than one class. To make just the gallery link disappear you need to write:

    .page-item-61 {display:none;}

    That should work.

    Right on Mike, that worked perfectly when I placed that in the style_structure.css file in the mobile theme. I could swear I had tried that exact class but whatever works, I’m happy. You’re the best, man.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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