• Hi all,

    Maybe more of a feature request, than a bug, but I think a “Hide on mobile” checkbox on each element would be a useful option. Given the small screen real estate of mobile screens, it would make sense to be able to hide specific items.

    I’m experimenting using some CSS display: none at present but CSS’s media element seems a little fraught with problems to me i.e. finding a suitable screen width given the use variety of mobile screen resolutions out there. If there was some way to do this natively from the plugin I think it would be a far more robust solution.

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    Hi Ade

    That’s a great idea – I was thinking to add something like this – no idea how to add it in just now, but a great feature to add.

    The roadmap is pretty stacked at the moment, so there won’t be any movement on this for a while, but I’ll keep this ticket open and get back to you further down the line.


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    Look forward to the updates.

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