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  • I’m having a problem with your plugin that I’ve never had with any other.
    I loved using it, but found that another plugin I purchased (LoginPress Pro) had the same function, so I no longer needed your plugin. As per normal, I deleted it from the “blueprint website” I use as a starter for new websites. This install has all of the plugins I use already there; I just clone it and begin creating a new site from its offspring.
    The crazy thing is that with each new clone, there’s Hide My Site, installed and activated! It keeps on recreating itself, even though I’ve deleted it from the website that’s the “parent.”
    I use All In One WP Migration for doing the exports/imports (essentially cloning) of these websites and it’s never done this with any other plugin.
    Any reason you can figure that this is happening? I’d really like it to stop!

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  • Plugin Author ClevelandWebDeveloper


    Hi ibowden,

    This seems like a problem with the All In One WP Migration plugin itself.

    If Hide My Site has been deleted from the parent site, then the newly cloned child site should mirror that and Hide My Site should be removed from there as well.

    Perhaps the All In One WP Migration plugin is using a cached version of the parent site when it creates the child site? Because I’m not overly familiar with how All In One WP Migration works, it’s hard for me to say exactly.

    Hopefully this issue has cleared up for you by now. If not, feel free to email me direct via justin[at]clevelandwebdeveloper[dot]com and I can try and look more into this issue for you directly.


    Same problem here. We cloned the website via and then installed Hide my Site plugin. We had another problem started and in that process deactivated Hide My Site Plugin. The crazy thing is it kept appearing despite the plugin actually being deleted.

    Only the main page was affected, not pages which had links like /tag/ or /product/… URLS.

    We also checked to clear all cache and there is simply no code available to execute this plugin. Still it keeps showing.

    We suspect the deinstall procedure is not done properly. For sure the settings remain upon deinstall and it must also ended up in some cache – we cannot find.

    Please advise.

    Plugin Author ClevelandWebDeveloper


    Hi @pluginsandsnippets,

    When the plugin is deactivated or deleted, it will no longer run on your site, effective immediately. However, some sites have a caching system whereby old versions of the site continue to be shown to site visitors. This means that even though you have deactivated/deleted a plugin from your site, the cached (older) version of your page might still be shown to your visitors – and that older version of the page can be from a time when you still had the plugin active on your site.

    Many times users think they have cleared all the cache, however in the end it turns out there is some cached version of their page that is being served to site visitors. Often times cached pages are served automatically via your web host, and many users are not aware of the fact that their web host does this.

    If you are using wpengine (or a different host that auto-caches) try reaching out and ask if they can clear your cache for you. If you are not sure if your web host auto-caches, try sending your webhost a message and ask if they use an auto-caching feature on your site.

    Hopefully this will be able to help clear up the issue for you. If not, feel free to email me direct via justin[at]clevelandwebdeveloper[dot]com and I can try and look more into this for you directly.


    Hi there, yes you were right. We found another cache on our server. Once we purged that the plugin finally died. Ok now its more clear. So will now know better how to use Hide My Site plugin. We will keep using it as otherwise its a really good plugin. Cheers

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