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    I have 3 fields setup but i only want to show field 2 when field 1 have data and so on. is this possible?

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  • it is. you can use javascript to make your own “visibility-logic”.

    jQuery(document.body).on('change', '.pods-form-ui-field-name-which-should-trigger', function() {     
    	if (jQuery(this).val() == 'your-val') {
    		} else {

    Thanks for reply.

    I tried the code and it “works” but not the way i was expecting.

    So i have 3 forms pods-form-ui-pods-field-test, pods-form-ui-pods-field-test2, pods-form-ui-pods-field-testip3.

    On intial page load the pods-form-ui-pods-field-test is the only form visibile. if its not empty the pods-form-ui-pods-field-test2 is visible. if its not empty pods-form-ui-pods-field-test3 is visbile.

    And in reverse:

    When pods-form-ui-pods-field-test3 is empty it will be hidded but the other 2 will show, when pods-form-ui-pods-field-test2 is empty. only pods-form-ui-pods-field-test1 will be visbile.

    Plugin Author Jory Hogeveen


    You can modify the above function according to your needs in terms of showing/hiding fields. Just add extra selectors! 🙂



    Thanks but i cant get it to work, i have 3 fields and whatever i do i get the wrong combination. any help would be highly appreciated.



    where to add this js code?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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