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    How would I go about customizing the default Events page to show all events except those with certain tags?

    I’ve been all through the settings and help section, and I thought I needed to do something with conditional placeholders, but I can’t quite figure it out. Is anybody able to steer me in the right direction?

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  • you can try to use event categories instead e.g. using shortcode [events_list category=”-1,-2,-3″] where x is the event category id

    Event Search Attributes

    Thank you! I did see that, but I’m unsure how to actually implement it for the default Events page. I tried putting in on the page itself but, as expected, it is overridden by what is in the Events Settings page. So I tried to put it in the Events Settings > Formatting — I put [events_list category=”-1″] above the content in the header, and [/events_list] below the footer content — but that didn’t work. I feel like there’s a really simple solution, I’m just not wrapping my head around it for some reason. What am I missing?

    It works if I am putting it in a new page I manually create, but is that the only way I can do it? If so, I guess I can work around that, but I’m trying to avoid changing my existing link structure — I just want to edit the standard Events page.

    you need to paste this shortcode [events_list category=”-1″] in your wp page or post.

    e.g. in your wp page you can do something like this

    [events_list category="-1"]

    Thanks. Yes I know I can do that on any other page or post. What I’m trying to do is have that on the default Events page — the page that I have selected from Events Settings > Pages > Event List/Archive as the page to display my Events.

    What you said works fine if I select “No Events Page” from that list, then I can control what I put on my page and I can use the shortcodes easily. The problem is, the search form doesn’t work unless you do have the page selected in Events Settings > Pages > Event List/Archive. So I wanted a way to keep the search form functionality as well as control the output of my events.

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    You could get this working by overriding our templates and adding the same sort of thing to the $args variable e.g.

    $args['category'] = '-1';

    the file you want is templates/templates/events-list.php

    Using Template Files

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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