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  • Hello @cp_user! I have some questions for your issue:
    1. Did you just activated the plugin and your login stoped to work or you have activated some function and login stoped to work after it?
    2. Which plugin do you use for custom login form creation?
    3. Which error do you see at the login page?
    4. Have you any test site that we could use to solve the problem?
    5. Can you make screenshots or a screencast that we could use to understand your issue better?

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    Hi Alexander, here are answers to your questions.

    1. Installed Clearfy, everything works.
    After activating Defence —> Hide errors when logging into the site, the plugin works using the wp-login.php page.
    The plugin also works with our theme when using the default wp-login login page.
    As soon when activating our theme’s default login page, the problem begins.

    2. Our theme is ClassiPress by – using it’s own login page.

    3. The error message is:
    This page isn’t working. is currently unable to handle this request.
    HTTP ERROR 500

    4. Sorry no test site.

    5. No screenshots.

    Your plugin is written well for the default wp-login.php page. The problem is using this plugin for custom themes login pages.

    Cheers :-))

    Yes, it is now clear. Obviously, the problem is in a custom login page. In each theme with the same custom login, this can be implement in different ways, but we will investigate this issue.

    Thank you for paying our attention at this problem!

    Hi @cp_user you can also send us your theme and we’ll see what we can do with your issue.
    You can find the support email inside Clearfy menu.

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    Hopefully it can be fixed 🙂

    Plugin Author webcraftic


    Hi, @cp_user
    I emailed you, but I didn’t get an answer. Unfortunately, I do not have enough information to solve this problem.

    Best regards,
    Alex K.

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    Yes Alex, I did email you. But as you are using an gmail email account, I am not able to send you email attachments as google will restrict and delete any attachments with php coding.

    I would suggest that you get you own private email account to enhance your own online presence. It is not ok to ask for login to our server when you cannot even receive basic emails yourself.

    I do think your product is well needed and strong, but communication needs to travel both ways.

    Cheers RK.

    @cp_user, thanks for your advice! We’re working on it and the Rome wasn’t built in a day.
    Could you upload your theme to the Dropbox and email us a link?

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    Hi Alexander,

    I created a dropbox link to our theme and sent you an email.

    Thanks again, RK

    Hi @cp_user! Ok, we’ll check it and give the feedback.

    Hello @cp_user. The issue is solved. See it in the nearest update.

    Hello, @cp_user. In email you said “The hide error message function does not hide error messages, but at least it does not crash either.”

    This function doesn’t hide messages, it’s changes them. By default, if you wrote wrong login, the WordPress says that you entered the wrong login. The same with the password.
    When you turn on the “Hide errors when logging into the site” option, the message is changes to “Wrong login or password”. So an attacker don’t know what he entered wrong.

    Is it clear now?

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