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    We wanna hide the fields or form in the new media manager for att. cat and att.tags. is there any option to filter them view out, like the search stuff option setting for media manager?

    Our clients don have big screens like us developers.

    All plugins is fighting in the New media sidebar to the right, and the actual choose size and insert into post get hidden far down to the right, or scrolled out…


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  • Plugin Author David Lingren


    You can disable some or all of the MLA enhancements by visiting the Settings/Media Library Assistant page and scrolling down to the “Media Manager Enhancements” section.

    At the moment there is a bug with disabling the Enhanced Search Media box, which I will fix in the next release.

    If you selectively disable the MLA enhancements, please let me know of any problems you encounter.

    I found wrestling with the formatting in the Media Manager to be, well, challenging. I’m open to suggestions for improvement.

    Thanks for this report and for your patience with the pace of improvements.

    For now I hide them with a jQuery doc onload hide() so the forms are still there and does not break anything.

    The plugin media categories, not in use when using MLA, have a nice solution with the actual metabox of checkboxes of the categories and the tag X presentation. Really nice.

    I Hope in the future the Media manager WP core adds a Accordion menu on the right, so developers can pull in stuff and the users can reveal or hide views they really using for each account. (like screen option saved)

    For now We are just happy that the new manager works before everyone hyooks into it… Its a new babe and not grown up yet…

    Plugin Author David Lingren


    I assume you’re referring to this plugin (v1.5) by Eddie Moya:

    Media Categories

    I’ll have a look at it.

    I haven’t found much documentation on the new Media Manager, and don’t see much in the way of hooks, actions, filters or the JavaScript equivalent in there. Definitely a work in progress…

    Plugin Author David Lingren


    I have released version 1.51, which includes support for the enhanced category/tag selection metaboxes in the ATTACHMENT DETAILS pane on the right-hand side of the Media Manager Modal Window.

    To activate the new feature, install and activate this related plugin:

    Media Categories, by Eddie Moya

    Then, open the Settings/Media Library Assistant screen, General tab, and scroll down to the Media Manager Enhancements section. Check the box next to Media Manager Searchable Categories metaboxes and/or Media Manager Searchable Tags metaboxes, depending on your needs. Click Save Changes to record your choice.

    I intend to add something like this as an MLA feature in a future release, but this interim step is an easy change that should give you some of what you need. The only drawback to the “Searchable” metaboxes is that you can’t type in a new category or tag value; you must pick from values already defined on your site.

    Please let me know if you have any trouble with this new feature, further questions or suggestions. Thanks for your interest in the plugin and for this suggestion.

    Plugin Author David Lingren


    I have released version 1.80, which replaces the “Media Categories” interim support with complete native MLA support for taxonomy values in the ATTACHMENT DETAILS area of the Media Manager Modal Window. You can find more information in the “Other Notes” tab.

    Please give it a try and let me know if you have any problems, questions or suggestions. Thanks for your interest and your patience.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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