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    it would be really great to have the possibility to hide the disabled days.

    For example we only open on the weekends and never during the week, so I want to hide these days.

    Not only the widget would become smaller, it’s better for mobile screens so you can just see two days and don’t need to scroll instead of showing 7 days.

    I tried to hide it with following css:

    .disabled {
        display: none;

    This works somewhat fine, but not on mobile, because only the button is hidden and not the whole .book-day class.

    Also I can’t target .book-day with jQuery to add the .disabled class there, because it has no id.
    I’m not really good with jQuery, but in my logic I also can’t target the .book-day div and add the disabled class there, because then I would disable all days and can’t filter out the ones that already have the .disabled in the child button.

    If you have any suggestions how I can do this, please let me know.

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    This request is currently in our to-do list. This would require our developers to make changes in both the front and back end of the plugin.

    Unfortunately it’s not a simple fix and would require a bit of effort to accomplish on our end. We hope to get around to this in the next couple months or so.


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