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  • Hello! I’ve been praying for this plugin for years! So thank you very much!!!

    I want to be able to hide my descriptions, so my clients names can be private, with maybe a (BOOKED) wording instead.

    Also would love to adjust width and height with attributes for sizing.

    One last thing, I can remove times, but would also like ALL DAY to be removed for my multiple day gigs.

    Thank you! I’m donating today!!!!!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author room34


    I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying the plugin!

    For the free version (which is all there is at the moment, but a paid “pro” version is in the early stages of development) most of the types of changes you’re describing would need to be handled directly with CSS, either in your theme or in the Customizer (Appearance > Customize &gt Additional CSS). Most elements have CSS classes to allow you to tweak the appearance.

    You can hide the “All Day” text with this CSS:

    .all-day-indicator { display: none; }

    As far as sizing goes, looking at your page it seems like the main issue is the text is really tiny. You might want to start with something like this:

    .ics-calendar { font-size: 135%; }

    Beyond that, it’s mostly a matter of poking around in the HTML to find the CSS classes and then manipulating with trial-and-error. (Obviously not ideal, but that’s the limitation of a free plugin.)

    The key features of the pro version are going to be:

    1. Additional views (a “grid”-type view with hours in each day is first up).

    2. A “calendar configurator” so you can pick all of the settings from a nice interface and it will generate a saved shortcode ID for you to use… the shortcode could then just be [ics_calendar id="1"] instead of all the stuff that goes into it now.

    3. A “theme customizer” for some of the things I described above… basically an easy way to adjust the appearance of some of these CSS classes without having to write code directly. (These might go directly into the WordPress Customizer.)



    Thanks for your reply!
    How may I shade in the background of days that are booked a different colour from available days?


    Plugin Author room34


    The easiest way to do this, although it may not give exactly the results you’re looking for, would be to add a color to the shortcode.


    This supports any hex color value. They need to be in hex because the plugin does some calculations to create different shaded levels of the selected color. Here’s a good tool to get hex colors (or any other format):

    If you have multiple URLs in the same calendar, you can give each its own color, e.g.:

    color="#ff0000 00ff00 0000ff"

    Like I said, this may not give the exact results you’re looking for. If not, let me know and I may have a few other CSS-related tricks you could use.



    Thanks for the quick reply!
    That seems to be working for solo calendar; will try on urls for calendar and let you know

    Also, how may I shrink the names for the days of the week? I want to shrink the calendar to be viewable as a small boxed area showing one month. Currently, it’s distorted.

    And, 🙂 how may I replace the dropdown optin for other months to a forward arrow >> instead?


    Plugin Author room34


    Those are both issues I’m aware of and I’m going to try to implement some additional options to address them in the near future.



    Hi again!
    am now experiencing this issue:

    only the current month shows the css changes. When i click on a future month, it reverts back to the original coding of the plugin.
    Also, the calendar does not show u on a tablet or mobile.

    May you assist with this as well, please?


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