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    i really need some help,
    i want to hide the content are ONLY on my first page, and just the content are. everything else should be as it is. i am using the graphene theme.

    so this is my site;
    and what i want to hide is the white area that says “anasayfa” on the front page.

    help needed!

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  • Michael


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    try and add something like

    body.home .post {display: none; }

    to style.csss of your theme

    hmm, i did, and it seems to work, though the problem is that i have ordered my pages from 1-3 therefore i dont have a ‘home’ page. my first page is well page 1.
    is there something else i could try?




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    where is the problem if it works?

    can you define what you mean with ‘first page’ ?

    your question did not include any page 2 or 3 – maybe you need to reword the question?

    you can work with the page id as well: .post { display: none; }

    sorry if my Q wasn’t written properly. Though I have managed to solve the problem with your last advice, by using page id instead.

    Thank you very much!! Just made my day =)

    How is this working? I tried this in several different ways and it isn’t working.

    If I put in a specific class and tell it to display: none;, it works….I’ve done that many times, no biggie… but the part about a specific page ID doesn’t work.

    Basically I have images in a sidebar that are put there via a simple text widget. I have two pages that are basically the same. The only difference is that I want specific images to display on one of the pages and a different set on the other. I’m trying to avoid creating separate widgets and templates, etc. It would be a huge time saver to simply have a class or id that I could wrap the image code in and have one set show on one page and not the other, etc.


    do you have to have wordpress set to use page id’s in the URL structure? right now I am using the page names, which is required to use WP-Super Cache.

    figured it out… the theme I am using, despite being a newer one, wasn’t using the body class feature.

    simply add <?php body_class($class); ?> into your body tag in your header and the page specific css will work. 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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