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    I’ve Googled and scoured and I’m at the end of my rope. If this has been discussed elsewhere, please chastise me now and show me where I might look for the answer.

    I’ve got a blog project that must be 100% complete by Tuesday and I have what appears to be one last issue.

    The client wants to hide the number of comments on a post without hiding the link to the comments on ANY of the pages. For example, on the front WP page, instead of it saying “3 Comments” underneath a post, it needs to say “Comments”. When you open up the individual post it may say “3 Comments” or “3 Responses”…they want it to say “Comments” or “Responses” depending on the theme.

    I’ve seen multiple posts regarding removal of the overall comments link, or disabling the function from point forward, but nothing (unless I’m blind) about removing just the count.

    All help is appreciated in advance.



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  • I think the answer is in the documentation for the comments tag here:

    Just put the word “Comments” in as the option for all 3 possibilites (i.e. zero, one or 1+ comment count).

    So incredibly logical and simple. I played with that syntax a bunch but deleted all the variables but one using “Comments” as the lone variable function. Was on the right track but went overkill.

    Thanks for the insight. It works amazingly and I’m as good as done minus some graphic work. I appreciate the help immensely.


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