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  • I wish to price my products the same irrespective of purchaser’s country of shipping or billing. I am using the plugin Country Based Pricing for WooCommerce and Max Mind geolocation.

    However, I can’t find a way of allowing EU customers to have a cart breakdown showing VAT, while disabling it for rest of world customers. I can disable cart-based tax calculations for all, but not for some.

    I really want rest of world customers to see a single price, no VAT included message. Is this possible either with Woo itself or some specific settings on the country-based plugin? Thanks all.

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    We have the same issue here. Based in Germany, selling e.g. to Switzerland. Prices still show VAT, calculated wrongly. What should the settings be? I would normally assume that if no VAT rate is listed in the settings, no VAT is charged. But this in not the case.
    FYI, In general:
    National = incl. VAT
    National->EU Enduser = incl. VAT
    National ->EU B2B with VAT-ID = excl. VAT
    National ->Non-EU = excl. VAT

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    Exactly! I wonder if there is some conflicting setting between Woo and the Country-based pricing plugin.

    I am not sure it we’ve the same issue though as you might be charging Swiss customers a lower price ( ie. minus VAT), whereas I wish to charge non EU customers the same price (as if Vat were included) but not have it showing a vat record. I thought it was possible with the Country-based plugin. The issue is the final checkout showing US customers a line in brackets saying (includes x Vat). Perhaps someone might help us both @tuchundstoff !

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    Hi there,

    I really want rest of world customers to see a single price, no VAT included message.

    At the moment there’s no default option in WooCommerce to use the same price regardless if the customer is tax eligible or not. With that said, it is possible using the following custom code:—experimental-behavior

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    Hi @riaanknoetze thanks for the info and code link. I did manage to show the same prices in store front end and even at checkout thanks to the Country-based Pricing plugin. My issue happens at final cart/checkout, when for eg. a USA customer would see their total says it includes VAT (when they would be assuming it would be a cheaper price as they don’t need to pay VAT). Also, if the checkout says Vat is there, then Woo / backend is thinking I owe that vat when I don’t on non EU purchases. I don’t think the code snippet works on that issue? Correct me if I am wrong.

    Hardly dare to ask, have you been able to solve it?
    I have exactly the same problem 🙂 Thanks in advance!

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    Hi @tripled1963 I think I ended up disabling it in CSS code. ie, simply located the code and put display: none. It means Vat isn’t showing for anyone irrespective of location of course but was the easiest solution. I may need to revisit it though but for now, it has to do!

    Okay . . . how good of you, thanks for your quick response @wizlet130 !!

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