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  • Good Morning!

    I’m wondering if certain attributes can be hidden dependent on the selection of another attribute.

    Lemme try explain my need. I sell art as either prints, canvas or framed.

    If a buyer decides on a print or canvas, then they do not need to choose a frame colour.

    Currently, I have the frame colour attribute set to N/A in my product settings. But Ideally I’d like to hide this attribute altogether on the product page as it is not needed when print or canvas is selected.

    I’m looking at adding further options that are only applicable to framed orders and another for canvas orders, so I don’t want the buyer to have to select N/A in all the options that aren’t relevant to their order.

    I’ve tried googling Hide/Display attributes but not finding what I need…

    Take a look at
    and try playing with the order attributes.

    Thanks in advance for any help available…

    Mark Lee

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  • I have had a look at your product. When I choose “Print”, I cannot choose a frame colour, which is how it should be. The other inapplicable attributes are not available. Maybe you fixed it, but anyway the drop-downs are working as they normally do.

    There is a threshold to the number of variations of 30 combinations. Beyond the threshold, different selection behaviour will occur, but the threshold can be changed. You don’t seem to be near the threshold with this product.

    Thread Starter Leem2209


    I’ve had to setup my variations to include a “N/A” under frame colour. The buyer still has to pick this, so I don’t want this option to show at all…

    The reason I want this is because I will be expanding my options and I don’t want the buyer to have to keep selecting N/A for options that don’t apply to the product.

    Got it. Conditional logic in that way is not supported by the core WooCommerce plugin. Their offering for product add-ons:
    won’t do it either, but tells us:
    “Product Add-ons does not have support for conditional logic. If you want your customers to fill out different fields based on information they fill out, we recommend that you use the powerful Gravity Forms plugin to create forms with conditional logic. Then link those forms to your WooCommerce products with the Gravity Forms Product Add-Ons extension.”. There will be costs and a learning curve with that.
    has conditional logic, but not based on variations. So you would need to make a simple product and have a bunch of fields for the extras, each with conditional logic. That’ll be a long job and difficult to check and edit, if it works.

    You can hire someone to make you a custom product page:

    By far the easiest way though would be to make separate products. You can put links in one to the other in the description field so customers can easily navigate to other product if they want.

    Thread Starter Leem2209


    Hmmm…. thanks Lorro….

    I did see something about Gravity Forms late yesterday but didn’t read into it too much.

    I thought there might be some Woocommerce plugin to easily enable this function.

    Something like a simple “hide” option in the drop down menu when setting up variations would do the trick!

    Anyway, enough time has been spent consistently editing product attributes and variations. I’m going to leave as is for now and in future expand the attributes to suit, not perfect but will do for now until outsourcing this is an option.

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