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hide categories from search

  • i have a few categories that i don’t want to be returned in the search result. is there a way to hide the search from returning results in specific categories ?

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  • anybody have any ideas on this ?


    Why do you want to “hide” them? It may be easy enough if you add/right a plugin.

    http://www.edgeathletics.com – i have things on my sidebar – like announcements and stuff – they are all done using post’s – easiest thing for my coaches to use. However, i don’t need all past announcements and stuff being returned in a search – i only want to search through the main posts that i display on my homepage (in category called ‘main’) – im using the hide category pluing on my homepage

    – i cant find a plugin that does this – searched forever

    -i cant write a plugin for this because im not that good of a programmer yet

    thanks !!

    anybody know any direction i can take for this ?



    I too would like to find a way to hide certain categories from my default search. This ticket was started 20 months ago, so does anybody have any way to do that now?


    Would the plugin from this thread help maybe? The Category Visibility plugin might work, find it here.

    Adds new admin menu for setting category visibility settings for the front page, searches, feeds and archives. This plugin is currently “very much in beta”.




    Thanks for the tips. The first link’s info doesn’t work for search but it’s useful for other things.

    For Category Visibility plugin, I did install that a few weeks ago to deal with other issues, but it screws up my blog because it conflicts with other plugins. So, at the moment, I can’t use it because other plugins are more important 🙁

    I hope there is another solution…


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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