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  • workshop2


    Hello everybody,

    In the list of all users in wp-admin, i would like to hide the “Approved” status for certain users. These users only need to see “Pending” status to accept them.
    I didn’t find any plugin to make this, and I don’t know how to code it in PHP/JS.

    If you can help and send me an idea 🙂

    Thank you

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  • mrtom414


    You might want to look at a plugin like members. You can create different roles and display information based on role. Since the lowest member currently is subscriber you send the subscribers to a “your application is under review page”. All other members would have a different role and maybe see their role and date of acceptance. You can add different roles for different members.




    Thanks for your answer, but this plugin doesn’t work for my problem. I would like that some roles can only seen people with “Pending” status, so to hide all users with “Approved” status, users that are already verified on the site.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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