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  • Hey Nathan,
    Is there a way to hide on the client’ side the different appointments types having no availability (ie all dates are past)? I didn’t find an option to do this..?
    Cheers !

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  • Plugin Contributor Natalie MacLees


    Hello @cervomix,

    We don’t actually check to see if an appointment has availability until after someone has selected the appointment type to book an appointment, so we don’t know when the list of appointment types is loaded which have availability and which don’t. If it’s a case where there’s an actual availability window, we could definitely check that to see if the end of the window is in the past, though. We’ll give some thought to how we might handle that differently because it doesn’t make sense to show appointment types that can’t actually be booked.

    We are working on a change that would allow you to hide certain appointment types from the booking form, but that would still be something you’d need to do manually. I can post a note here when that change is released.

    Another option might be to create appointment-type specific booking forms, though I’m not sure what your situation is and how many different appointment types you have on your site, so that might not be a workable solution, and would still require some manual changes once an appointment type has all of its availability in the past.

    Hey Nathalie, thanks a lot for your answer !
    Yes I understand that a such feature would require quite some coding to check for availability before proposing the appointment type.

    Unfortunately in my situation I have to tell to my client to create appointment types on a per-day basis because she has various availability (different days, different time ranges), and she doesn’t want to use a google agenda and your pro module. So in the list we can see all the past days which is kinda weird for the client.

    Best regards,

    Plugin Contributor Natalie MacLees


    Hello @cervomix,

    I added an item to our roadmap to check the appointments’ availability windows and to not display appointment types with availability windows in the past. We’ll get that out as soon as we can and I’ll send you a note when we release it.

    Great news ! Thanks a lot !

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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